The Importance of Mindfulness

Stress is rampant in our society. With stress from our jobs, our family and other aspects of our daily lives, it's so easy to become overwhelmed. Here are some simple practices that can help you manage your feelings a bit better and, in turn, reduce anxiety and stress levels. 

  • Set a time limit for yourself to focus. Give yourself a specific amount of time to focus on one task. This will help reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed, and, as a bonus, should improve your productivity. Mindfulness Graphic
  •  Become more aware of your body. Take a moment every now and then to notice your posture, breathing, and any physical sensations. This can help you become more grounded and present in the moment. As a bonus, focusing on deep breathing can slow down your heart rate and make you calmer. This breathing exercise can be done anytime, anywhere.
  • If your mind wanders, bring your attention back to the present moment. Start by focusing on your breath, or by bringing your attention to things around you. This practice can help reduce worry and anxiety and also improves your overall well-being. 
  • Be kind to yourself! Feeling overwhelmed? Being overwhelmed makes it easier to fall into negative thought patters and self-criticism. But that usually only makes things worse. So, take a few minutes when you're feeling overwhelmed to be kind to yourself and cultivate self-compassion!  It's important to remember that everyone experiences anxiety and stress from time to time. Remember, treat yourself like you would a good friend in a similar situation. 

Remember that it’s okay to ask for help. PureView provides an array of services regardless of age, background, or health condition including counseling, behavioral medicine, case management, and peer support. We can also help with depression, anxiety, substance use and other conditions. For more info on our Behavioral Health services please call us at 406-457-0000. 

If you are struggling, please call Montana’s Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 9-8-8 or visit